Consumer Mathematics is designed for students who have a basic grasp of mathematical computation but require additional instruction for applying these skills as a wise consumer. Instruction is provided using a variety of realistic, consumer-oriented applications. These applications reinforce and extend student's mastery of basic mathematics concepts.

Students will apply the Common Core Math Practices while studying the topics of solving equations and inequalities, functions, graphing lines and systems of linear equations, rational expressions, transformational geometry, statistics, and basic exponential equations.

Students will continue their study of linear and exponential functions, probability and statistics, transformational geometry, and equation solving. Additionally, they will be introduced to quadratic equations, coordinate geometry, trigonometry, and volumes.

In this year-long Pre-Calculus course, students will cover topics over a two semester period (as

designated by “A” and “B” sections). Students apply technology, modeling, and problem-solving skills to the study of trigonometric and circular functions, identities and inverses, and their applications, including the study of polar coordinates and complex numbers. Vectors in two and three dimensions are studied and applied. Problem simulations are explored in multiple representations—algebraic, graphic, and numeric. Quadratic relations are represented in polar, rectangular, and parametric forms. The concept of limit is applied to rational functions and to discrete functions such as infinite sequences and series. The formal definition of limit is applied to proofs of the continuity of functions and provides a bridge to calculus.