Students will master the standards by which computers are utilized in PUHSD as well as in their college and career. By teaching the district’s industry standard core applications-- Computer Applications (Google Apps Mail, Docs, Calendar, Sites), Graphic Design (GIMP), and various web-based applications (aka: Web 2.0)--students are provided opportunities to develop nationally recognized technology standards (see:, NETS for Students) through project-based lessons. Using Google Apps and Career Cruising, students will also create a high school e-portfolio that will serve them throughout their high school years and beyond. This course fulfills PUHSD’s technology graduation requirement.

ISTE’s 21st Century technology standards are as follows:

  • Demonstrate creativity & innovation (GIMP, Google Apps)
  • Communicate & collaborate (Google Apps, online digital learning)
  • Conduct research & use information (Google Apps, Internet search)
  • Think critically & problem solve (develop solution, create a project, practice a process)
  • Employ ethical digital citizenship (social networking, cyber-bullying, copyright)
  • Use technology effectively and productively (e-portfolio, troubleshoot tech issues)