A course that explores personal computers, including Chromebooks, using the Google Education Suite of applications. The student will receive hands on experience as well as develop personal projects to delve deeper into other programs and applications.

Students will master the standards by which computers are utilized in PUHSD as well as in their college and career. By teaching the district’s industry standard core applications-- Computer Applications (Google Apps Mail, Docs, Calendar, Sites), Graphic Design (GIMP), and various web-based applications (aka: Web 2.0)--students are provided opportunities to develop nationally recognized technology standards (see: www.iste.org, NETS for Students) through project-based lessons. Using Google Apps and Career Cruising, students will also create a high school e-portfolio that will serve them throughout their high school years and beyond. This course fulfills PUHSD’s technology graduation requirement.

ISTE’s 21st Century technology standards are as follows:

  • Demonstrate creativity & innovation (GIMP, Google Apps)
  • Communicate & collaborate (Google Apps, online digital learning)
  • Conduct research & use information (Google Apps, Internet search)
  • Think critically & problem solve (develop solution, create a project, practice a process)
  • Employ ethical digital citizenship (social networking, cyber-bullying, copyright)
  • Use technology effectively and productively (e-portfolio, troubleshoot tech issues)